Grounds Maintenance
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Expert Maintenance for Our Pristine Landscapes in Southeast MI

Commercial Grounds Maintenance in SE Michigan - Executive Property Maintenance - 10a625b7-7e81-41c5-b54a-a8c5ebe3cd9c-originalProfessional Lawn and Turf Care for Homes and Businesses

A thick, well-manicured lawn is the crowning achievement of many home and business owners, but transforming lackluster grass into a plush, thick and healthy lawn can be challenging. At Executive Property Maintenance, our team understands how important it is to maintain a thriving, green lawn all year-round. We have established ourselves as the premier landscape contractor in southeast Michigan for all residential and commercial landscaping needs. As part of our comprehensive range of grounds maintenance, our lawn and turf care teams provide a complete scope of services, from fertilization and weed control to grass cutting and trimming. Our lawn care professionals draft a turf management plan for every client; this maintenance program outlines each element that goes into creating a perfect lawn, from the proper height of the grass to maximize health to the fertilizers and watering pattern to be used to ensure proper root growth and grass color. We believe that a landscape company should dedicate itself to providing top-quality service to each and every client, and we are proud to serve a long list of happy customers throughout Southeast Michigan.

Proudly Offering These Landscape Maintenance Services to Homes and Businesses:

  • Precision Mowing
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Bed Care
  • Bed Edging
  • Hedging
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Spring/Fall Clean Up
  • Parking Lot Maintenance

play_arrowSeasonal Landscape Management to Keep Your Home Looking Great – 365 Days a Year!

Commercial Grounds Maintenance in SE Michigan - Executive Property Maintenance - 40230729_10160890395395066_3018086472520564736_nEach season of the year presents unique challenges to your yard's plant life, and addressing these issues at the appropriate time is key to maintaining a yard that looks clean and manicured year-round. Executive Property Maintenance's landscaping technicians work with our residential clients to create a seasonal management schedule that ensures that their yards are always receiving the care that they need. At the beginning and end of each season, we work to prepare your yard for the weather conditions to come. In the spring, our maintenance teams will arrive to clean-up any remaining debris, sticks and dead leaves that have been left on your lawn and in your plant beds and shrubs from winter. This careful attention to our lawn service helps ready your yard for the flowering season to come. In fall, our goal is to get your outdoor spaces ready for the frigid winter weather. From raking to lawn trimming, these services help ensure that your yard's plants enter the winter months in good health.

Complete and Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance for Your Whole Yard

The range of services that a yard requires to stay looking its best can be extensive. From weeding and pruning to trimming and edging, Executive Property Maintenance can handle everything your yard requires. Our professional team of technicians is well-trained in all elements of landscape maintenance. Your plant beds will receive close attention to ensure beauty and their health, including weeding, cleanup and the adding of fresh mulch. Trees and shrubs get equal care, pruning and trimming for both health and aesthetics. Whether you want to take advantage of our complete range of available maintenance services or you wish to engage us for a specific task, we'll work with you to devise a plan that meets your needs. So just sit back, relax and let us take care of your yard without you needing to lift a finger.

play_arrowReliable and Thorough Lawn Maintenance for Commercial Businesses

Commercial Grounds Maintenance in SE Michigan - Executive Property Maintenance - cd0ef28e-cbd4-4946-90bb-f3a66188fa7a-originalLittle conveys the impression of a thriving business like a lush, green lawn leading up to the entranceway. However, creating a thick, well-manicured lawn (and keeping it in good health throughout the year) is a difficult task. That's why southeast Michigan businesses turn to the experts at Executive Property Maintenance. Well-known throughout the area for our full range of commercial landscaping maintenance services, we take pride in being our clients’ landscaper of choice. We approach lawn care holistically, creating a turf management plan for each client. This program addresses the many elements of maintaining a healthy and thriving lawn, from grass cutting to the correct height for optimal health to proper application of fertilizer to maximize long-term root growth. A lawn requires more than just cutting, and with Executive Property Maintenance, you can rest assured that your business' lawn is receiving the complete attention that it needs.

Keeping Your Landscape Manageable Throughout the Seasons

Keeping your business' landscaping looking professional year-round requires a landscape management plan that properly addresses each season's unique needs and conditions. At Executive Property Maintenance, our skilled landscape technicians understand the care that lawns, plants and trees require at each point throughout the year, and we can craft a seasonal landscape management plan for your commercial property to ensure that it always looks its best. Moreover, proper seasonal preparation can help keep your commercial landscaping as healthy as it is beautiful. With the onset of warmer weather, our technicians will get to work removing leaves, sticks and other debris that has been left scattered through your plant beds and bushes during the winter, preparing your outdoor spaces for the spring months to come. Autumn presents its own maintenance requirements, from raking fallen leaves to trimming grass and other plants. This set of services can help prepare your green spaces to weather the colder months in good condition.

Comprehensive Maintenance is Needed to Keep Your Landscape Looking as Good as the Day It Was Installed

Commercial Grounds Maintenance in SE Michigan - Executive Property Maintenance - cd71a9d3-5a8b-4823-8810-487c11101440-originalExecutive Property Maintenance understands the complete range of services that a commercial property's grounds need. Our team of skilled landscape technicians has experience in all aspects of landscape maintenance, from pruning to mulch application. Our business clients' plant beds will enjoy close attention, including clean-up of any debris, weeding when needed and fresh mulch application when appropriate. Bushes, shrubs and trees will also be well cared for, as trimming and pruning help maintain both their health and their appearance. Our landscaping teams are happy to work with your business on whatever maintenance tasks are required, from complete ongoing service to engagement for a specific landscaping task.

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